Dentistry for Baby Boomers

Dentistry for Seniors

Americans live longer, and consumer trends show we expect to live productive and healthy lives as we become empty nesters.   Our expectations include a youthful look and smile to mirror our healthy lifestyles.

A lifetime of occlusal wear through bruxism chipped teeth, missing teeth, coupled with cavities repaired with amalgam fillings that break cusps, leaves the average baby boomer with an unsightly and old-looking smile.  Advances in cosmetic or esthetic dentistry can revitalize years of attrition and recreate a youthful smile.  A full mouth dental reconstruction, more commonly called a smile makeover, has become commonplace in our society and easily accomplished by a trained, competent dentist.

Tooth whitening or tooth bleaching can remove years of stains caused by foods such as wine, coffee, or simply the aging process.

White fillings, known as composite bonding, easily replace unsightly silver fillings.  Cosmetic dental bonding can use them to hide chipped and cracked teeth successfully.  Porcelain dental veneers are a stronger alternative with many more indications for anterior teeth.  One can easily change color or shape with porcelain veneers, revitalizing a smile.

Advances in endodontics or root canal therapy make the process far simpler and painless than in the past.   There is no longer a need for unsightly gaps in one’s smile due to missing teeth.

Implants can be used to replace a single or multiple missing teeth.   Using the technology and science similar to prosthetic joints, think of an implant as a synthetic root that can never decay or abscess.  Implants can be used to support crowns or even an entire arch of missing teeth!

All-ceramic or porcelain crowns essentially turn a dentist’s skills into a “painter’s palette” with endless possibilities of changing the shape, color, or contour of aged, worn, unsightly teeth.

Talk to your dentist about “taking years off an aged smile” A competent, skilled dentist armed with the technological advances afforded dentistry should be able to sit down with you and create a healthy, youthful smile free of infection and decay.  Not only will you look better, but a healthy smile will make you feel better and create a more confident, youthful appearance.

Dr. Kelly Jorn Cook, DDS, provides Dentistry for Seniors for comprehensive care for maintaining function and good hygiene that can prevent tooth loss and other oral health problems.

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